Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Match Tottenham Hotspur vs Juventus 07-March 2018 UEFA Champions League

Tottenham Hotspur clash with Juventus in UEFA Champions League Round of 16 on Wednesday 07-March 2018 Tottenham Hotspur host Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley Stadium at 20:45 London time Hotspur drew in the first leg away to Juventus 2

goals against 2 goals as the position of Tottenham today, playing at home in the crowd is good and only needs to maintain the outcome of the match by finishing the draw to ensure the qualification to qualify for the round of 08, and will start the meeting of the composition of the component in Security Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris and in the line of defense Spedo player Davinson Sanchez and Jan Firtongen and Kieran Tribeir and Ben Davis and in the midfield will play Eric Dyer and Moussa Dembele and Dili to any attack, and in the Christian Aerksn line and Sun Min Hyung and Harry Kane,
Juventus are entering the game in a very difficult situation and are seeking to win the game to qualify for the next round and have no other than to win any result or draw a positive result more than two goals against two goals, a game will be difficult for the two teams and both are seeking to qualify for the round 08, Juventus will start the match with goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon. In the defense line, Giorgio Cellini, Benidike Hovidis, Alex Sandro, Stephane Lichtsteiner, midfielder Bliss Matudei, Miralm Pianic, Sami Khadira and Douglas Costa
Date and timing of Tottenham Hotspur and Juventus match today 07-March 2018 in the Champions League
Cairo time at 21:45 KSA at 22:45 UAE time at 23:45
Event: Champions League Europe role of 16
Tottenham Hotspur and Juventus
 Match Field: Wembley
Referee: Simon Marcinac, adjudicator: Pavel Sokolnicki, adjudicator: Thomas Listekevis
Fourth judgment: Ridolao Sejka
Commentators: Youssef Saif + Ali Mohamed Ali
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