Friday, 9 March 2018

Match Manchester United vs Liverpool 10 March 2018

Manchester United and Liverpool meet in the English Premier League on Saturday 10 March 2018
Round 30 Manchester United meet Liverpool at Old Trafford Stadium at 12:30 pm London time. Today's game is one of the

most important meetings of the week. It is a match between Simon and the English Premier League. And Manchester United to win the game and maintain the second place and the breadth of difference from the rival Liverpool, Manchester United enters the game played 29 games won 19 games and tied in 5 games and lost in 5 games and scored from the goals 56 goals and received a net 22 points and has a score of 62 points and occupies Terti Manchester United midfielder David Deja, Defending midfielder Chris Smoling, Victor Lindelov, Ashley Young, Luis Antonio Valencia, Midfield midfielder Nemanja Matic, Marwan Fellini, Paul Bogba, Joan Mata and Romello Lucasco and Alexis Sanchez, while Liverpool are seeking to win the game and get the three points to get second place to enter Liverpool game played 29 games won 19 games and tied in nine games and lost in 3 games and scored from the goals 67 goals and conceded a net 32 ​​goals and has a score of 60 points and occupies For the third place in the English League Premier League, the expected form of the Liverpool team is goalkeeper, Riss Carrius and defense line Diane Lovrin, Virgil Van Dyck, Andriy Robertson, Trent Alexander Arnold, midfielder Emery Chan, Jordan Henderson and Lex Auxedel Chamberlain and up front Mohammed Salah And Sadio Mani and Roberto Fermino,
Date and time of Manchester United and Liverpool in the Premier League Premier League Saturday, March 10, 2018
Event: English Premier League
The two teams: Manchester United and Liverpool
Round: 30
Match Field: Old Trafford