Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Match Sevilla vs Manchester United 21 February 2018

Sevilla and Manchester United meet in the Round of 16 on Wednesday 21 February 2018 Sevilla will host Manchester United at the Ramon Sanchez Bizchuan Stadium at 22:45 GMT. Sevilla are looking to play well in the match. Victory and

a good result in the first leg Sevilla start with goalkeeper Sergio Reyco and in line of defense Gabriel Mercado, Linglet Clement, Jesus Navaz, Sergio Escudero, midfield Evier Paniga, Steffen Nizoni, Franco Vazquez and up front Louis Moore Yale and Sam Ben Leader and Pablo Sarabia and Sevilla hopes to clinch the win in the game,
Manchester United are looking for a good result in the first leg, hoping to win the game or a positive result to help them in the return leg. Manchester United will begin to form goalkeeper David Deja and defense line Eric Bailey and Victor Lendilov, Luis Antonio Valencia, Ashley Young, Midfielder Ander Herrera, Nemanja Matic, Paul Bogba, Alexis Sanchez, Jesse Lengard and Romilo Lucaco,
The match between Sevilla and Manchester United is a game that will certainly be difficult for the two teams, both of whom are looking to win the first leg. The 16 th match and the timing of the match between Sevilla and Manchester United on Wednesday 21-2-2018
Event: Champions League Europe role of 16
The two teams: Sevilla and Manchester United
 Match venue: Ramon Sanchez Bizchuan
Role of the 16
Referee: Kiliman Turpan, Assistant Referee: Nicholas Dano, Assistant Referee: Cyril Grenier
Fourth ruling: Hisham Zekrani
Away match