Monday, 12 February 2018

Al-Jazira vs Al-Garrafa Match 12 February 2018

Al-Jazira and Al-Garrafa match in the first Group A match The first round of the Asian Champions League 2018 Monday 12 February 2018
Al-Jazira will host Al-Garrafa Club today in the first leg of

the Asian Champions League at 7:30 pm Dubai Al-Jazeerah today is aiming to achieve victory in the first group matches and get the three points in the match. The first group consists of 4 clubs: Al-Jazira, Al-Garrafa, Al-Ahly Saudi Arabia And Tarkur Sasi Tabriz, one of the strongest groups in the Asian Champions League
Al-Gharafa club is seeking to win the game and get the three points out of a game or at least get a positive result and take one point of the game to play well Al Gharafa club that tonight's game will be difficult outside the island and will play the game tactically start the meeting careful and defensive and will play on attacks Al-Jazira is hoping to win the match and play in the crowd. The public will be a good player and a strong push for the team to win the game. The match will be difficult for the two teams and they will try to win the match. And win the match and the first three points in the group, the date and timing of the game Al-Jazira UAE and Al-Garrafa Qatar today in the Asian Champions League Monday 12 February 2018
Farivan: Al-Jazira and Al-Garrafa
Event: Asian Champions League
Role of groups
Round: 1
Match Stadium: Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium at Al Jazira Club
Group A