Monday, 22 January 2018

Swansea City vs Liverpool Match 22 January 2018

The match between Swansea City and Liverpool will be held at the end of Round 24 on Monday 22 January 2018. Tonight, Swansea City and Liverpool will meet at 8:00 pm London time in the Premier League. Swansea City will play the game. 24

matches played in 6 matches. Tied in five games and lost in 13 games and scored 25 goals and received a sheet of goals 50 goals and occupy the ranking 17 in the English Premier League with 23 points and today seeks to achieve victory over Liverpool to move away from the landing area Swansea City in a critical position to avoid the difference between him and The last six points only he is playing tonight's game as he seeks to win the game three points, while the Liverpool team is seeking to continue to win and win today at Swansea City, Liverpool enter the match today, played 24 games won 13 games and tied in 8 games and lost in 2 games and scored goals 54 goals and is considered the second strongest attack in the English Premier League and received a net of goals 28 goals and occupy the ranking center 4 with a score of 47 points Liverpool play tonight and aspire to win to take the position of the third position of the Chelsea team and equal to the same points silent Sawa match Nizi City and Liverpool, who will play on the stadium Liberty Stadium difficult for the two teams and both are seeking to win the game,
The date and timing of the match Swansea City and Liverpool Ayom in the framework of the Premier League games
Event: English Premier League
Teams: Swansea City and Liverpool
Week: 24
Stadium Match: Liberty Stadium
Referee: Neil Swabrik