Friday, 12 January 2018

Saudi Arabia U23 vs Iraq U23 Match 13 January 2018

The match between Saudi Arabia under 23 and Iraq under 23 in the Asian Cup on Saturday,  13 January 2018
Saudi Arabia face the Iraqi team in the second round of Group C Saudi Arabia seeks to win in the game at the expense of Iraq

Saudi Arabia enter the game, a game of games 1 match against Jordan against two goals against two goals and the Saudi team under 23 from the balance one point and hope today To achieve victory and get the three points to complete an exciting competition in the group and take the qualifying ticket to the next round
The Iraqi team under the age of 23 enters the game and is the group's opponent with 3 points. He won the first match against Malisa 4 goals against a goal. He is one of the favorites to overcome the group stage and rise to the next round and compete for the Asian Cup under 23 years. Is a very important task for the Iraqi team as it seeks to achieve victory in the meeting to ensure the qualification to the next round just before the game last meeting we know I am boarding from the group elected first and second, will be the match between Iraq and Saudi Arabia of the difficult games in the group and the task and waiting for For all of Mhjy elected, the date and timing of the match Iraq and Saudi Arabia in the Asian Cup U-23
Today 13 January 2018 Cairo time 13:30 Iraq time 14:30 KSA 14:30 UAE time 15:30 Palestine time 13:30
Event: Asian Cup under 23 years
The two teams: Iraq and Saudi Arabia
Round: 2
 Match venue: Changshu
Group C
Iraq and Saudi Arabia