Saturday, 13 January 2018

Real Madrid vs Villarreal Match 13 January 2018

Real Madrid vs Villarreal in the Spanish league round 19 on Saturday, 13 January 2018
Real Madrid host Villarreal in a Spanish league match Real Madrid are entering the game as they seek to win the game and

get out of the stage of a permanent low in the past. Real Madrid drew last week in the Spanish league against Celta Vigo but enters today hoping to win.
Real Madrid played a count of 17 games, won 9 games, drew 5 games, lost 3 games and scored goals in the Spanish league 32 goals and conceded a goal of 16 goals and has a score of 32 points and ranks fourth place in the competition of the Spanish league,
Villarreal enters the game, playing 18 matches, 8 matches, 4 draws, 6 goals, 25 goals and 21 goals. He has 28 points and is in sixth place in the Spanish league. He is looking to win the game on Real Madrid to enter the competition for seats. Which will be the next season in the Champions League and Europa League will be the game today both teams seek to win and win the game,
Date and timing of Real Madrid and Villarreal in the Spanish league today 13-1-2018
Event: Spanish league
Real Madrid and Villarreal
Week: 19
 Match Venue: Santiago Bernabeu
Referee: Alberto Ondiano Malenko
 Real Madrid and Villarreal