Thursday, 4 January 2018

Numancia vs Real Madrid on Thursday 04 Jan 2018

Match of Numancia and Real Madrid on Thursday 4/1/2018 In the framework of the King's Cup games in the meeting, which will host the team of Numancia Real Madrid on the floor of Los Bahern in the face of going from the matches of the Round of

16 in the King's Cup, Numancia is hoping to win Real Madrid in the first leg of the day's match, which Numancia hopes today to oust Real Madrid and the surprise blow in the first leg, which plays in the midst of the fans of Numancia is certainly a difficult game on the team Numancia will play the European champions last year Spanish league and Match the cup does not accept the division by Athin Lab winner of that total in two games and return which aspires through which the two sides to achieve a positive result before the return leg on the floor of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in the capital Madrid.
Real Madrid are entering the game on Sunday as they seek to win the match and oust the team of Numancia. The wounds from the last match in the Spanish league against Barcelona, ​​in which Real Madrid lost 3-0 goals, Real will try to forget the past and begin today with Maraga Cass of Spain in the first New Year's Games 2018 and hopes it will be a good start The match is set for Thursday 4-1-2018 between Real Madrid and Numancia in the King's Cup
The timing of the match between Real Madrid and Numancia today 04 January 2018
Cairo Time 22:00, Saudi Time 23:00, Emirates Time 00: 000
The teams: Real Madrid and Numancia
Matchfield: Los Bahern
Role: 16