Sunday, 14 January 2018

Liverpool vs Manchester City Match 14 January 2018

The match between Liverpool and Manchester City in the English League Premier League Round 23
Sunday 14 January 2018 Liverpool enter the game today and helps to achieve victory and rehabilitation from the first leg in

the first round, which ended with a victory of Manchester City with a very big score 5 goals for nothing
Liverpool are in the Premier League with 12 games, eight draws, two lost goals, 50 goals and 25 goals as Liverpool are the second-strongest attack in the English Premier League. Liverpool hope to beat Manchester City and play Egyptian player Mohamed Salah match today after recovering from injury The manager and plays Fermino and Mani and the rest of the team's main players and will start the new deals supported in January Juergen Club Rahml Liverpool team Hlei Mohamed Salah is the bright star in Liverpool,
Manchester City are entering the match today, playing 22 matches, winning 20 games, drawing in two games without any loss, and having 62 points so far in the English Premier League. Today they hope to win again this season on Liverpool. We know that Guardiola plays Always wins all games and likes to achieve the records and will play today Manchesterite looking for the win of the three points and stay away from the competition and sing alone on the top of the Premier League Premier League
The teams: Liverpool and Manchester City
Event: English Premier League
Matchfield: Anfield
 Referee: André Mariner
Home match