Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Huddersfield Town and Liverpool 30 January 2018

The match between Huddersfield Town and Liverpool will be held in the Premier League on January 30, 2018 Huddersfield Town Town will host Liverpool at 8pm London time at the Galfar Stadium stadium

Huddersfield Town are entering the game, playing 24 games, winning 6 matches, 6 matches, losing 12 games, scoring 14 goals, conceding 41 goals, 24 points and 14th place in the English Premier League. Huddersfield Town today are seeking to beat Liverpool and get three points To move away from the bottom of the drop, or the Liverpool team enter the game, ranking in fourth place in the English league competition played 24 games won 13 games and tied in 8 games and lost in 3 games scored 54 goals and received a net 29 goals and his points 47 points and seeks Liverpool today Get the important points of the game to get close to the competition for the title of the English league is a difficult game for the two teams and both are seeking to win the game and get the three points date and timing of the game of Huddersfield Town and Liverpool today on 30 January 2018
Cairo Time 22:00 KSA
Occasion: English League
Week: 25
 Match venue: Galfar Stadium
Referee: Kevin Friend