Monday, 1 January 2018

Burnley and Liverpool Match 01 Jan 2018

Burnley and Liverpool meet in the Round of 22 in the Premier League on January 1, 2018 Burnley will host Liverpool at the Turf More Stadium in an English Premier League match at 3:00 pm LONDON (Reuters) Is seeking to win the game and
complete the victories that stopped after his last victory on Stoke City and after this match Bernley stumbled in the last four games played lost to Tottenham Hotspur and tied in 3 games. He is currently in a meeting against Liverpool and aspires to win and get the three points. Burnley has played 21 matches, won nine games, drawn 7 games, lost five games and scored 18 goals. He has 17 goals and 34 points.
The Liverpool team enters the game, playing 21 matches, winning 11 games, drawing in eight games, losing two goals 48 goals, conceding 24 goals and finishing fourth on 41 points. Liverpool are hoping to win the game away from the competition in order to come close to competing for the title of the English Premier League. The Liverpool team will start throwing the same players started in the meeting of Leicester City, who won the two goals Liverpool goal scored goals Egyptian player Mohamed Salah, the second goal of the English league so far with a single goal for the first match Liverpool and Bernley today will be the most important Weeklies in the English Premier League The match will be tough for the two teams, both seeking to win the game and get the three points.
Date and timing of the match between Burnley and Liverpool in the framework of the round 22 games in the English Premier League today on 1 January 2018
Event: English Premier League
The two teams: Burnley and Liverpool
Pitch: Terf More Stadium
Week: 22
Bernley coach: Chen Ditch
Liverpool coach: Juergen Club
Referee: Roger East