Thursday, 11 January 2018

Barcelona vs Celta Vigo Match 11 January 2018

The match between Barcelona and Celta Vigo on Thursday, 11 January 2018 in the King's Cup, the role of 16
Barcelona will host Celta Vigo in the return match which will be played today at the Camp Nou, Barcelona are looking to

overtake Celta Vigo and win. Almaraka played and ended with a positive draw between the two teams. Barcelona hopes to win today to reach the next round of the quarter-finals with Real Madrid rivals Which overtook the island of Numancia yesterday
The Celta Vigo team also wants to win the game or draw a positive draw to achieve the climb to the next stage
Celta Vigo will play the game in a defensive manner and will try to snatch a goal from the counter-attacks he will play in the match
Today's game is one of the most important games to play in the King's Cup and many Barcelona fans are waiting for the meeting that will qualify them for the next stage of the King's Cup. The match will be difficult for the two teams, both of them seeking to win the game and get the win and overcome this stage and reach the quarter-finals
The date and timing of Barcelona and Celta Vigo match today on 11 January 2018
Cairo Time: 22:30 KSA 23:00 UAE Time
Occasion: King of Spain Cup
Role of the 16
 Match: Camp Nou
Judgment: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández
Home match