Friday, 22 December 2017

Match U.A.E vs Oman 22 Dec 2017

The match between UAE and Oman will take place at the Gulf Cup 23 on Friday, 22 December 2017. The match will be played at 10 pm UAE time. The UAE team will win the match and get

the three points in their first match in the Gulf Cup. UAE team and Oman team. The UAE team hopes to start the tournament well enough and prepare for the next Asian Championship after leaving the World Cup qualifiers, but the Gulf 23 will be well prepared for the upcoming Asian Championships, will play today to win the Oman team and aspire to the Gulf Championship 23. As for the Oman team today seeks to prove his character from the start in the first games in the Gulf Cup 23 Oman hopes to win and grab the three points of interest and benefit from the course of the championship Gulf Championship is a tournament in Kuwait Zestkon opening match between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia today. Oman are aiming to win the match against the UAE and compete for the Gulf Cup title 23
The date of the match between UAE and Oman today 22 December 2017
Smart Time 20:00 KSA 21:00 UAE Time
Round: 1
Match Stadium: Jaber Al Ahmad International Stadium
The teams: UAE and Oman
Event: Gulf Championship 23