Thursday, 28 December 2017

Match of Ohud vs Al Hilal today 28 Dec 2017

Date of the match of Ohud and Al Hilal today in the framework of the Saudi league games on 28 December 2017
Ahud hosts the Al Hilal team today. The stadium owner will enter the game of Ohud today, playing 15 matches, 3 matches

and 5 matches. He lost 7 matches, scoring 16 goals and conceding 25 points and 14 points. He is ranked 12th in the Saudi league and Win the game and win the three points of the game to get out of the bottom zone and improve its ranking in the Saudi league. Al Hilal team enters the match, which is played from the games 13 games won 9 games and tied in 3 games and lost in one match scored from the goals 22 goals and received a sheet of goals 11 goals and has a balance of points 30 points and postponed two games, ranking second. Al Hilal today seeks to win the game and get the three points important to him to top the Saudi league and grab the ranking first place and will have two postponed games to equal with the rest of the difference in the number of matches played in the Saudi league. Both teams are seeking to win the game and get the three most important points of everything in the match will be a tough game for both teams. The date and timing of the game Al Hilal and Ohud today in the Saudi league 28-12-2017
The two teams: Crescent and Ohud
Event: Saudi Professional League
Week: 16
Stadium match: Stadium Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz