Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Match Liverpool vs Swansea City 26 Dec 2017

Liverpool and Swansea City meet in English Premier League Round 20 on 26 December 2017 Liverpool meet today against 
Swansea City at Anfield The Liverpool team are looking forward to winning the game and get the three points

Liverpool enter the match, playing from matches 19 matches Liverpool won in nine games and tied in eight games and lost in two games scored 41 goals and conceded a net of 23 goals and scored 35 points and now ranks fourth in the English Premier League
Liverpool hope to win the game and win three points from Swansea City, a game that will be played at Anfield in Liverpool. Now Liverpool have the advantage of winning the match and the Ridds are helping the team today to have the advantage in the game and get the three important points to enter the competition on the box Gold and the title of the English Premier League. Swansea City, who are in the top 20 and last place in the English Premier League, enter the game, playing 19 matches, winning 3 games, drawing 4 matches, losing 12 games, scoring 11 goals and conceding 26 goals and 13 points. And hopes to get a positive result away from home to Liverpool and will play the game with all his strength and will try to hijack the three points out of the bottom today's game will be important to the team Swansea City date and timing of Liverpool and Swansea City today on 26-12-2017
Cairo Time 19:30 KSA 20:30 UAE Time
Excellent English Premier League Event
The teams: Liverpool and Swansea City
Week: 20
Matchfield: Anfield
Referee: Kevin Friend