Saturday, 30 December 2017

Match Liverpool vs Leicester City 30 Dec 2017

Date of the match between Liverpool and Leicester City today in the framework of the Premier League Premier League round 21
Liverpool are hosting Leicester City at Anfield in the Premier League. The Liverpool team enters the game, playing 20

games, winning 10 games, drawing 8 matches, losing two games, scoring 46 goals and conceding 23 goals. English Premier League Liverpool are looking to win the game and take the three points to compete for the English Premier League title. Liverpool play the winning result in each game as a cup system to win the title of the English Premier League and close to Manchester City. Followed by Manchester United and Chelsea. Liverpool play against Leicester City in a game that will be difficult for both teams
As for Leicester City, it is seeking to win the game and take the three points. Leicester City enters the game from 20 games, won 7 games, tied in 6 games, lost 7 games, scored 30 goals and conceded 30 goals and 27 points. English Premier League This season is the worst for Leicester City, now we know about Leicester City in the spirit of all the games, which took the English league and won it for a season after the second-class Leicester City play today against Liverpool in a difficult game Li and the two teams are both trying to win the game. The date and timing of the match between Liverpool and Leicester City in the English Premier League on 30 December 2017
London time 15:00 Cairo time 17:00 KSA 18:00 UAE time 19:00
Event: English Premier League
Liverpool and Leicester
Week: 21
Match Field: Anfield Stadium
Referee: Neil Swabrik