Thursday, 14 December 2017

match Al - Raed vs Al - Qadisiyah Dec 2017

The date of the match Al - Raed and Al - Qadisiyah in the framework of the 14th week of the Saudi professional league on today 14 December 2017
Al-Raed team will host Al-Qadisiyah team in an important

match in the Saudi league. Al-Rayed team will try to win the game and get the three points to get out of the relegation zone. Al-Raed team enters the game. It occupies the 14th position and the last in the Saudi league. Al - Raed played 13 matches, won two games, 8 games and has so far scored only 20 goalscorers and scored 30 goals and scored 9 points and hopes today to beat Qadisiyah to try to get out of the relegation zone. As for Qadisiyah team seeking to win the game at the expense of the leading team, Qadisiyah enters the game. It played 13 games, won 4 games, tied in 4 games, lost 5 games, scored 14 goals so far. The team has scored 19 goals, 16 points and occupies 8th place, and will try today to win the match for points. Three, progress and improvement in Saudi league schedule The match today will be difficult for the two teams and both are seeking to win the match. The date of the match between Al-Rayed and Qadisiyah on 14-Dec 2017
Cairo time at 16:55 GMT at 17:55 UAE time at 18:55
Event: Saudi Professional League
The two teams:  Al - Raed and Qadisiyah