Saturday, 9 December 2017

match Al-Jazira vs Urawa Red Diamonds 9 Dec 2017

Date of the match between Al-Jazira of the UAE and Urawa of Japan on 9-12-2017 at the Club World Cup.
Al-Jazira, UAE, will meet Japan's Urawa on Saturday (9-12-2017) in the second round of the Club World Cup.

The island went through Auckland City in the opening game and won a 1-0 win to reach the next round to meet Urawa Red Diamonds and seek to win the match and beat Urawa Red Diamonds to reach the semi-finals. Al-Jazira plays the game at Zayed City Sports Stadium and hopes today to win the match. Al-Jazira today is the match, which is the same as winning and reaching the semi-finals is a difficult game and can not be divided on Al-Asbayn for the non-win for any team from the two teams Al-Jazeera Emirates and Urawa Red Diamonds
Al-Jazira fans and fans hope to win against Japan's Urawa, where the winner will meet Real Madrid's Real Madrid and meet Real as a dream for fans and players.
The date of the match Al Jazeera UAE and Urawa Red Diamonds today on 9-12-2017
8:30 pm Abu Dhabi time. 7:30 pm Mecca time. 6:30 pm Cairo time.
Stadium match: Zayed City Sports Stadium
Referee: Cesar Arturo Ramos Palazuelos
Assistant referee: Marvin Cesar Torrenera Rivera
Assistant referee: Miguel Angel Hernández Paredes
Fourth judgment: Felix Bric
Commentator: Hassan Al-Aidarous
The match between Al Jazeera and Japan's Urawa