Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The match between Germany vs France 14-11-2017

Germany and France meet today on 14-11-2017 at the Rhein-Energie Stadion stadium in Cologne Germany will play Germany today in a friendly match in the preparations for the
World Cup in Russia 2018 Germany are looking to win the

game and take advantage of all the new elements that will play today Both players are seeking their own personal well-being on the pitch after the opportunity to play against France in Germany. They were able to qualify for the World Cup in Russia after having booked one of the direct qualification cards, The final stage of the qualifiers of the old continent in the first place, lying on top of the third group alone with thirty points full.
The French national team enters the match and seeks to win the friendly after the qualifying round of the World Cup, which is issued by the group and is playing tonight's meeting with all the big stars and will try to win the game, which will play in Germany
Both teams are looking to win the match and avoid the match
"The stadium will be the stadium in Cologne," the scene of the upcoming match between the teams of France and Germany,
The match between Germany and France on 14-11-2017
8.45 pm Germany, Sweden, France and Italy.
10.45 pm Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.
11:45 pm Dubai time UAE and Oman.
9.45 pm Egypt, Jordan and Syria.