Sunday, 5 November 2017

Real Madrid vs Las Palmas 5-11-2017

Real Madrid and Las Palmas, in the last clash of the 11th week of the Spanish Premier League, Real Madrid and Las Palmas play at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in the center of the

 crowd, and this is one of the easy games in the tournament every year, especially in light of the appearance of Las Palmas at poor levels during Past rounds, international referee Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez is scheduled to run this match.
Real Madrid and Las Diamond
In one of the easy matches in the Spanish Premier League, Real Madrid and Las meet with diamonds. Both sides are looking for a better level than the previous games, especially Real Madrid, who have stayed away from the competition and reached third place after losing two games, The Royal Club currently has 20 points, eight points clear of Barcelona.
While Las Palmas remain in a difficult position, especially after their failure in the previous games, and was able to win only two games out of a total of ten games, through which he managed to capture only six points, and his current balance, and was threatened to leave the tournament to the league The second-placed 18th place, only two points behind the 19-year-old Malaga.
Real Madrid vs Las Palmas
The club hopes to score three precious points through the match and try to reduce the gap between them and Al-Brescia, who have so far received a good news of the return of their missing star, the player "Gareth Bell," who participated in the group exercises held this morning , And is expected to have a significant role in this game, especially in light of the decline in its level in recent period
This afternoon, Sunday, Real Madrid face Girona, in the tenth round of the Spanish league football.
The game will be held at 5:15 pm Cairo time, and six and a quarter pm Mecca time.