Tuesday, 14 November 2017

match Ireland vs Denmark today on 14-11-2017

Date of match Ireland and Denmark today on 14-11-2017 return match in the qualifying supplement to the 2018 World Cup
Ireland will play Denmark in the World Cup qualifier against

Denmark in 2018 Ireland played their first match outside Denmark in a 1-1 draw against Ireland in the first leg of their home game. The world enters Ireland in the meeting and is seeking to win the game with any result in order to qualify for the 2018 World Cup
As for the old Denmark, who does not know how to surrender, today he is not losing anything at all and he is going out of his country and he has no other than winning the game or a draw with any result to qualify for the World Cup
Denmark's goal is to maintain the score of 1HP and play at the same time on the attack and the defeat of the qualification card to any goal scored in the range of Ireland face the difficult and not easy at all and elected from the team guaranteed to qualify so far who will qualify Ireland or Denmark will watch tonight's game of heavy caliber
The date and timing of the match between Ireland and Denmark on 14-11-2017
8.45 pm Denmark time, Sweden, Norway and Germany.
7:45 pm England time and Morocco.
At 10.45 pm Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Iraq.
11:45 pm Dubai time UAE and Oman.
9.45 pm Egypt and Syria time.