Tuesday, 14 November 2017

match between UAE vs Uzbekistan 14-11-2017

The date of the match between UAE and uzbekistan today on 14.11.2017 the UAE team is seeking today to win the game and take advantage of the meeting and focus on new Annadhar,

both will try to prove himself in the game in order to new coach uses them in meetings of the UAE team is preparing today UAE team to fight a second the experience of camping place in the city of Al Ain ready for the finals of the Asian Cup in 2019, scheduled to take place in the emirates, the UAE team locked in the second match against Uzbekistan team tomorrow, and the team was defeated in the first game against the team Hayati score goal against Nothing, in good match CLINT for Mnkhb UAE and Asfad them a lot and today plays Zhaol cured his mistakes in the previous game either team Uzbekistan do not forget that a good team also seeks today to win the game, he plays the meeting in order to benefit in the match, which will play the UAE team in A strong match and both are seeking to win the game
UAE and Uzbekistan in the friendly meeting today 14-11-2017
 The date and timing of the match between the UAE and Uzbekistan today on 14-11-2017
The match will be held at 5 pm UAE time, 3 Cairo time, 4 KSA time,