Friday, 10 November 2017

match between Portugal vs Saudi Arabia 10-11-2017

The match between Portugal and Saudi Arabia, in a game of high caliber facing Portugal in a friendly match, the preparations for the World Cup Russia 2018 where Portugal is

hosting the Saudi counterpart in the city of Lisbon and in the midst of the masses, and trying to identify the weaknesses of the two teams before the start of the World Cup Russia.
Portugal enter the game playing at home and in the crowd and will try to beat the stubborn Saudi team, but both teams seek to make good use of the game and focus on the negative gaps to strengthen before the 2018 World Cup
The match between Saudi Arabia and Portugal is one of the strongest matches in the world, especially since they each have a number of players of great value who have shown a brilliant level in the World Cup qualifying matches. Portugal have already reached the World Cup this season After winning the first group, which included the "Switzerland, Hungary, Faroe Islands, Latvia and Andorra," Portugal managed to win seven games out of a total of ten, while in a draw in one game, it is worth mentioning that this is the sixth time to reach B Tagal to the World Cup.
The date of the match between Saudi Arabia and Portugal The game will be played at 11:45 pm Cairo time, 12:15 pm KSA time, one quarter of an hour in the UAE time.
At 19:45 GMT.
At 21:45 Egypt time.
22:45 KSA.