Saturday, 18 November 2017

match Al Ain vs Al Jazeera on 18-11-2017

The match between Al Ain and Al Jazeera on 18-11-2017 in the Gulf Emirates Cup Al Ain team meets with Al Jazeera on Saturday 18-11-2017 at the eighth round of the Gulf Arab League at 8:15 pm Abu Dhabi time And the sixth is only a

quarter of an evening Cairo time, and the game will be played at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain Club and Al Ain Club is seeking today to win the game and grab the three points to maintain the summit and join Al Wasl club, which occupies the first concentration temporary and will play Al Ain Club today and will try to win the three points to equal the focal point with 20 points
Al-Jazira Club is also seeking to win the match and grab three points to improve its ranking in the UAE Gulf Cup. It will be a tough match for the two teams and both are seeking to win the game
The date of the match between Al Ain and Al Jazeera today on 18-11-2017 in the UAE Gulf Games
The two teams: Al Ain and Al Jazeera
Event: Gulf Arab Gulf Emirates
The game between Al Ain and Al Jazeera will be held on Saturday 18-11-2017 at 8:45 pm (19:45) Abu Dhabi time, the sixth quarter of the evening and the match will be held at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium at Al Ain Club,
Comment on the match on the channels of Abu Dhabi suspense Ali Hamid, and the channels of Dubai Fares Awad.