Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Watch match barcelona-vs-olympiacos 31-10-2017

Barcelona meet Spain in front of Olympiakos, and Barcelona hope to win out of the home and then achieve the full mark, and occupy the first place in the fourth group with 9 points of victory over Juventus, Sporting Lisbon and Olympiakos,

Barça plays the fourth round and impose control
The Spanish team plays for the fourth group and to regain the lost title, and Barcelona won 9 games, a single draw and draw in the Ligue 1, and achieved his victories in the first three meetings of the qualifying groups for the final of the Champions League, which confirms that the Catalan team back to impose control in stadiums football.
Olympiacos plays for the hope of competition
The Greek team will play for the fourth round of the Champions League and zero points, and hosts Olympiakos for a return against Barcelona, ​​and ended the first leg between them with the loss of Greece 3-1 and had lost from Sporting Lisbon at home 3-2 and lost to Juventus 2 - 0 to occupy the last position with no balance.
Barcelona and Olympiakos are also the official qualification for the Round of 16, where the 10-point team is officially qualified in their group.
The former Catalan player Neymar de Silva took advantage of the team's presence in France and visited the training camp and supported the players in their next encounter.
Barcelona vs Olympiacos
Round: 4
 Karaisaki Stadium
 17 ° C
Referee: Anthony Taylor
Assistant referee: Gary Pesswick
Assistant referee: Adam Nun
Fourth judgment: Stewart Bart
Commentator: Hafeez Draghi
Group D
Home match