Thursday, 5 October 2017

The date of the match between Egypt and Congo next Sunday 8-10-2017

The match between Egypt and the Congo is set to be the focus of the Egyptian public's attention amidst the search for a new football history after the last qualification to the World Cup since 1990. Egypt are looking for a win against Congo in order to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Against Ghana either by a draw or a win for Ghana.

The Egyptian team had completed their access to Borg El Arab. Mohamed Salah, Mohamed El Nini, Ahmed Hegazi and Ramadhan Sobhi joined the Egyptian team in anticipation of the Congo match on Sunday. Hector Cooper is trying to reach an appropriate formation against Congo, God is happy and Hossam Ashour and electrified, which makes there is a search for alternatives in the Egyptian team.
The fifth round will not be decisive for the Egyptian team to qualify for the World Cup without a good result from Ghana against Uganda. Ghana are looking for their last hope against Uganda. If Uganda wins the match, Egypt will have to wait until the final round against Ghana in the World Cup qualifiers.
Hector Cooper may push Saleh Juma as an alternative to Abdullah Al-Saeed in forming Egypt's official team against the Congo next Sunday.
Egypt are looking to beat Congo in the face of the decisive Sunday and before that will follow the Egyptian team as a result of the game Ghana and Uganda.
The Egyptian medical team is currently working to determine the extent of Abdullah Al-Saeed's ability to play a key role in the Congo, and Cooper is trying to reach Egypt's official squad against the Congolese team in order to get the three points and reach the top of the group.
The date of the match between Egypt and Congo next Sunday 8-10-2017
Egypt Time 8:00 KSA 9:00