Tuesday, 8 November 2016

War coaches: Guardiola shocked England here

Guardiola will save from the crisis experienced by Manchester City, and is able to stop the trains to Liverpool and Chelsea team?11 rounds passed from the English Premier League, with the Reds returned to the top of the championship, which was absent for 26 years. With continued his brilliance Chelsea Red Devils regained their balance important victory, while Guardiola still taste the bitterness of the "Premiere League."
Jose Mourinho(A 3-1 win over Swansea)"Carrick was the Stability and Vilayna Bugba balance and freedom," thus described Mourinho midfield Manchester United's win over Swansea. The changes made by the selection returned the balance to the back line and gave more power to the attack, which translated the trilogy in the first half of the match.Lesson: three points for a win and an additional point for tactical changes in the game.Antonio Conte(A 5-0 win over Everton)Wait observers imbalance Chelsea team against Everton, but Conte had another opinion consistently magic effect for a 3-4-3 tactic which came with five Bmmermy Everton. Freedom granted by the aggressive tactics of the trio came ineffective, scoring Hazzard bilateral and Pedro Costa goal and the goal of making the last two with three goals between them.Lesson: three points for Conte to win an additional point on the tactical work distinctive.

Pep Guardiola(A 1-1 draw with Middlesbrough)It is one of the few times that Pep Guardiola fails to kill the match. After the win over Barcelona, ​​everyone thought that the team bounced back, but it seems that the impact of fatigue appeared in the second half to face Middlesbrough. City did not succeed to kill the game with a second goal in the first half and looked flabby in the second half and lost the battle of the midfield to receive a goal in the final minutes.Lesson: Guardiola point for a draw and a point for failing to kill the tactical game.Claudio Ranieri(Losing 2-1 to West Bromwich Albion)What Claudio Ranieri still has not found the right combination in the middle of home since the departure Ngolo Kanti, which he paid for it in the last game against West Bromwich loss was the first at home in 20 games. Valtaalb lost most of the diodes and paid 5 times only with paid West Bromwich 11 times, and did not succeed Ranieri substitutions to re-balance to the team.Lesson: point deduction for Ranieri on continuous tactical failure and the inability to find a solution in the middle of the pitch in the game.
yourgen club(A 6-1 win over Watford)Jürgen Klopp loves to direct and attacking football, and it appears that the shipyard owned by applying his work in the best possible way. The most prominent form Lallana key in the middle of the pitch, while the level of Emery Chan evolved significantly The attacking trio is doing his job the best way possible PDC strongholds of opponents.Lesson: 3 points for a win and Club points higher on technical and tactical performance and return to the fore.
Direct confrontation: against Wenger Buquetinao(Arsenal and Tottenham tied 1-1)London derbies ended as he wants Buquetino draw. Valarsnal who was trying to ascend Alsdrah failure at home and returned to fourth place, while his team sucked Buquetino and shock Champions League loss to Bayern Leverkusen.The return of Harry Kane paid off even though it was not ready physically, but he has succeeded by scoring the equalizer, with Tottenham's defense is still suffering from obvious weakness which prompted Buquetino to adopt a 3-4-3 tactic in the game.For his part, the center of Arsenal had a terrible day, and did not offer alterations awaited addition to the team offensively Wenger, where he was expected Ramsey to play a greater role when he entered in place Kokolan, but that did not happen.Lesson: point for each coach to draw in a direct confrontation.Table arrangement coaches after week atheist tenPoints are awarded obtained by instructors according to the following methods:First: In the regular matches: 3 points to the winner - and one point for a draw - zero points for the loser.Second, in direct confrontation: 6 points for the winner (3 to win +3 for being direct confrontation) - one point for each coach for a draw - zero points for the loser.Third: Rating: Adds one point in the case that the coach a great tactical work - is one point deducted in the event that the coach make a mistake tactical large.It was added this week point to Mourinho and the club and Conte and point deduction for Guardiola and Ranieri.