Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Strike blow in the side of Zidane

Zidane demands to finding solutions to make up for the absence of German star before facing both Atletico Madrid and BarcelonaRoyal Club offers many of the strikes since the start of the season 2016-2017 in light of the multiplicity of injuries that hit the team stars, but the series of injuries that had begun before the start of the season initiated by the French coach was impaired in more than a star Services 

in the team.Series of injuries, chronic headaches Frenchman Zidane began and did not stop, at a time which starts willingness to receive a star return from injury Atvaji infecting new one stars the latest big shock suffered by the injured superstar prominent in midfield and played the most influential in the current German team Toni Kroos lineup.Shock received by Zidane after the news of the injury Kroes more signed him from those suffered by the moment of Croatian Luka Modric injury may be, in light of comparing the performance of the players in the squad this season, where brighten the star of German talent more than ever in this season to be Zidane key player in the lineup, perhaps the figures achieved by the player since the start of the season comes to reinforce this argument.Kroes, who contributed to the achievement of a single goal for the team this season, but he played an important role in the games industry, where he managed to manufacture 6 goals for his teammates until the moment, in addition to being the player most accurate scrolling after reaching to nearly 93%.These statistics did not come from a vacuum, but has come to emphasize the great role provided by Cross in the central region and his contribution to the creation of the balls for his teammates to score.Clear superiority of the German may be in this season have come specifically because of the obvious offensive roles that giving to the French coach Zinedine Zidane by offering the player the second axis in the middle, a feature that I miss the German in the past seasons.Even in the absence of key players pivot "due to injury as well," Luka Modric and Casimiro German has continued to perform roles required of it, both defensive and offensive even to the fullest confirmation of the strong return in this season big role with the team.And without Nnqs of the Croatian Luka Modric as much, but it is simple in comparison with the German star without neglecting minutes to play for both of them we find clear differences both in the gaming industry and precision scrolling tend to the German interest.Have some say goes to the nature of the roles of both players in the team and the various tasks assigned to them lineup, and here we go back to the numbers again that emphasize that despite the offensive role obviously lacrosse in attacking the construction process and the toy industry, but the great superiority of the German star was not limited to therefore, it has spread to defensive roles to be the second player in the selection process Almadridah in tackles and draw balls after the Brazilian Casimiro.
If, in spite of the Croatian return to the squad and his participation in the upcoming benefits, but a big loss for the French coach, shedding the most important maker of games in the current squad and the most important players also in the performance of defensive roles in the light of the continuing absence of Brazilian Casimiro, which will push the French to look at his cards from new in an attempt to compensate for this absence.

Certainly, it was not this injury in husban Zinedine Zidane, who is looking forward to the end of the days FIFA least damage to restore Star team and start preparing for important position in the next round in front of a neighbor city Atletico Madrid, who lives is another difficult days, to be this confrontation from the viewpoint Men Simeone as a life or death for them, especially in light of the clear preference to Rukhi Blancos in recent confrontations at the level of the league.

Confrontations to come difficult Maringi may be an important indicator in the march of the two teams compete in the league, without losing sight of the importance of meeting the Clasico will enter Zidane private accounts may be the result of the next meeting in front of Atletico Madrid important factor in determining how to enter Zidane this confrontation.

Overall, The days and weeks ahead will be very difficult to Zidane, it has been determined by the features of a lot of things, both in the journey of the team compete in the league, and even in determining the priorities and options for the coaching staff in his outlook to the upcoming competitions!